Tuesday, 25 October 2011

How To SkyDive?

1>    Jump out of a plane(make sure you have a parachute strapped to your back first!) You will at first accelerate then, as drag(resistance) balances the pull of gravity, you will reach a steady speed called terminal velocity.

2>    Keep yourlims spread wide to maintain terminal velocity of about 200 kph(124 mph). To change speed, redce drag by altering body posture.

3>    By standing straight up or diving headfirst with your arms and legs behind you, you can reach speeds of 290 kph(180 mph).

4>    To slow down for landing, you will need to increase the drag and reduce your speed to around 20 ph (12 mph). To do this, pull the parachute cord to open the canopy.

5>    As soon as your toes make contact with the ground, slightly bend your knees, tuck your elbows in close to your body, and allow yourself to safely fall.