Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Transit of Venus on 6th June 2012

The planet Venus made a slow transit across the face of the sun on Tuesday, the last such passing that will be visible from Earth for 105 years.Transits of Venus happen in pairs, eight years apart, with more than a century between cycles. During Tuesday's pass, Venus took the form of a small black dot slowly shifting across the northern hemisphere of the sun.Armchair astronomers watched the six-hour and 40-minute transit on the Internet, with dozens of websites offering live video from around the world.Closeup views from the Prescott Observatory in Arizona, fed into's webcast, showed a small solar flaring in the making just beneath Venus' sphere.Tuesday's transit, completing a 2004-2012 pair, began at 6:09 p.m. EDT
The planet Venus can be seen on its transit of the Sun, from New Delhi June 6, 2012. Venus last made a visible pass in front of the sun in 2004 but will not make another visible transit until 2117.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Effective Ways to Prevent Hair Loss for Men

Stress causes dandruff, leading to hair loss
If it's starting to snow over your shoulders, then you're working too hard. "The fungus which causes dandruff is present on all scalps," says Dr Rakesh Sood, a New Delhi-based trichologist.

"But the problem is exacerbated when your immune system is weakened." An American Academy of Dermatology research confirms that stress is a key reason for low immune function. Can't drop out of the rat race just yet? The study suggests using tea tree oil-based shampoos to root out the worst of the dandruff situations.

Wearing hats causes hair loss
For that to happen, the hat would have to be so tight as to cut off circulation to the follicles. If that were the case, the hat would likely be much too tight for you to wear it's not likely. Wearing a tight hat can, however, cause hair breakage and damage.

Dermatologists say that a hat can cause damage to the scalp by blocking proper air circulation. Without a well-ventilated headgear, sweat can clog up the pores in the scalp. Go for a hat with a brim to shield your face from sun.

Regular haircuts make hair grow faster and thicker
Getting frequent haircuts is a good way to keep existing hair healthy by removing damaged, split ends. But a regular cut has no effect on your hair's growth rate or its thickness, says hair stylist Vidya Tikari.

This common misconception comes from the fact that hair is thicker at the base than it is at the tip, so it appears thicker at first. Cutting your hair does not affect hair growth at all; it will grow about half an inch each month no matter what.

Hair loss can be prevented by frequent hair brushing or standing on your head
Some people have maintained that constant brushing increases scalp circulation and thus boosts hair growth. However, because alopecia is primarily caused by the presence of dihydrotestosterone and your genetic predisposition rather than blood flow, hair brushing will have no positive effect on hair growth. Similarly, standing on your head might give you a head rush from the increased blood flow, but it won't have any effect on your hair.

Growing hair longer will hide baldness
Actually, in almost every circumstance, growing hair longer makes the thinning and baldness appear much more noticeable. When the sides and back are worn fuller, it makes the top appear thinner.

"If you can see scalp on the top, cut the sides short enough so you can see an equal amount of scalp," says Tikari. This will give an overall uniform appearance and take the emphasis off the thinning areas

Monday, 21 May 2012

How does Sound proof and Bullet proof glasses works?

Sound proof glass uses several separate layers of glass. These layers make it difficult to another. Some of the sound get reflected when it passes through a surface and experiences a change in speed.

Sound travels much more slowly in air than in glass. When sound passes in on out of a glass pane, most of the sound is reflected backward. If two rooms are separated by three or four sheets of glass, and each of these glasses are carefully sealed into place such that there are no holes through which sound can be leaked, then a very small amount of sound can make it through the overall window and most of the sound will get reflected back.

A bulletproof glass is a multilayered sandwich of glass and plastic. It is like the front windshield of a car but having many more layers. When a bullet hits the surface of this sandwich, it starts to tear into the layers. However, before the bullet manages to burrow all the way through to the final layers, the bullet loses momentum. The bullet’s energy and momentum are transferred to the layers of glass and plastic and hence it leaves the one inside the bullet proof glass with no harm.

Why does Skin wrinkle with ages?

As we become aged, our bodies do not fully repair the damages that are caused to the molecules which gives young skin its strength and resilience. 
Hence, skin wrinkles with age.
There are three layers of our skin-
1. The deepest layer is formed by subcutaneous tissues. It contains fats and connective tissue along with large blood vessels and nerves.
2. The middle layer is the dermis. The middle layer is the dermis. The dermis contains blood vessels, hair roots, nerves and sweat glands.
3. The topmost layer is the epidermis. The layer helps to prevent water evaporation from the body. It also protects the internal layers from harm.
The topmost layer, epidermis, is covered with flattened cells which are rich in the protein called Keratin. This protein makes our skin tough and water resistant. These outer cells gradually cast off and they are replaced by an underlying generation of new cells.

The dermis layer is composed of structural proteins. This gives skin strength and elasticity. These layers are formed mostly of collagen fibers that are women into a meshwork with elastic and other proteins to create a resilient biological polymer. As our age inclines, the amount of collagen declines then both collagen and elastic fibers become looser, thicker. Clumped and even cross linked to other fibers. The result is to this change is brittle and less elastic skin which lead to sagging and wrinkling.
What causes this change?

The main cause for these changes arte free radicals. Free radicals are the molecular or atoms that have lost an electron and they try to replace it by reacting with other molecules. The free radicals are highly unstable and so they are highly reactive when the electrons are pulled from one molecule to another, they trigger a cascade of changes to biological molecules. This then alter the chemical structures and hence biological functions.

Free radicals are by products of our energy metabolism. Free radicals are also generated by environmental influences such as air pollution, UV radiation, X-rays etc.

Free radicals like vitamin C, vitamin E and carotene pigments can be protected by antioxidants enzymes and molecules. However, free radical damage occurs nevertheless. Another biological threat from energy metabolism is when glucose which are facilitated by free radicals cross links with proteins to form plastic like molecules. This makes the skin more brittle and less elastic.

Skin provides a barrier between our body and the environment. This makes it especially vulnerable to high energy radiation from the sun. This also causes wrinkling of the skin. UV rays causes DNA damage, damage to other molecules in the skin and leads to the generation of free radicals.
This is why our skin wrinkles as we become aged.  

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Why does Milk overflow while boiling?

Milk, as we all know, is actually a suspension of fat and protein globules. Milk is a colloid and contains fat, sugar, starch, protein, vitamins and minerals. Since the fat is dispersed uniformly in the form of fine droplets rise up when the milk is heated and then form a thick layer of cream on the surface.

If we heat further, water gets converted to water vapors and gets trapped under the layer of cream. Bubbles of steam are formed when the milk starts boiling and forces the thick creamy layer upwards. Thus, this causes the milk to overflow.

There is no overflowing in case of boiling water since the steam bubbler break as they reach the surface.

To prevent milk from spilling, all we have to do is to provide a passage for the vapors to go out. We can simply keep a long spoon in the milk contain. This will enables the water vapors to escape along the handle of the spoon and prevents from getting trapped under the layer of the cream. This method is the simplest method. Different people use different strategy. Halwais keep stirring the boiling milk to prevent the formation of the creamy layer.

Does exercise make our muscles strong? How?

When exercise is repeated over a period of time, changes occur in the functions of various organs. All these changes depend on factors like the frequency and intensity of exercise, type of exercise age, and the muscles which are used and also to the previous training of the individual.

Body muscles tissue can be classified as skeletal, cardiac and visceral. Skeletal muscles are those which are attached to the bones. The muscular body of the heart is formed by the cardiac muscles. Visceral muscles are present in all hollow viscera which include gastro intestinal tract, blood vessels, duct of glands, respiratory and lymphatic system of the body.

The primary effects of exercise occur in our skeletal muscle. When we exercise, there are an increase number of capillaries in muscle tissue. This lead to increase in blood flow and therefore more oxygen is brought to the cells.

There is more extraction of oxygen by muscles cells when we exercise and thus lower the lactate concentration which leads to muscles cramps. This shows that muscles depend more on aerobic mechanism. The capacity of the muscle cells increases to oxidize carbohydrate and lipids, because of which more fat, can be used.

As a result of exercise, both the muscle mass and the force produced by the muscle increase however, the number of muscle fibers is not affected. Thus, more protein synthesis and less protein breakdown occurs. Due to the increase in permeability of muscle cells, amino acids uptake by muscle cells is enhanced. The muscle connective tissue, the tendons and the ligaments become stronger as we exercise.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

How does Glue acts as An adhesive?

Every one of us knows that glue joins things together. Glue makes things adhere, or stick together. Some sticky substances like honey, syrup and chewing gum can also act like glue. However, they take long time to harden and thus are not good adhesives. A good adhesive is the one that changes from a soft liquid to a hard solid within a short time period.

Ordinary white glue is made from various synthetic chemicals in which the chemical molecules are in the form of polymers or long strands. Some of them are sticky and others are stretchy. By combining these polymers properly with water, can make good glue.

The water present in glue gets evaporated when it is exposed to air and the glue changes itself from a fluid (liquid like) substance into a solid one. As it dries up, it gets hardened. The evaporated of water allows the bond to hold. Once it becomes dry, it acts like a solid grabbing hold to the object on either side to keep it together.

How it holds on the surface?

When we observe any solid substance under a microscope, we can see lots and lots of tiny ridges and bumps on their surface even in perfectly smooth substance like paper etc.

When glue is applies on the surface of these substances, it fills in all of those little spaces on the surface of the things to be joined. It then forms a layer between the two surfaces. Once this layer gets dries and hardens, it holds the two surfaces on either side of it together. Thus, the glue sticks to the surface of each of the material that we want to join and keeps them together.

What are Geostationary satellites?

A geostationary satellite is a satellite that is stationary with respect to the earth and appears to be fixed in sky. In a satellite TV, receiving antenna remains pointed towards the satellite at the same position in the sky. The receiver need not move to track the satellite. This is an example of geostationary satellites.

Geostationary satellites are positioned at a height of about 35,786kms above the ground and rotate in the direction of the earth’s rotation. They rotate around the earth at the same speed as that of earth’s rotation as this height. As a result, they remain stationary above a point on the earth. Since geostationary satellites are stationary, they are ideal for use as communications satellites. They may also used for weather observations, and remote imaging as they can repeatedly scan the same points on the earth beneath them.

A geostationary satellite can provide coverage over about 40% of the planet because of its great height. However, they cannot provide coverage at the Northernmost and southernmost latitudes. This is because these satellites circle the earth at the equator.

A satellite in an orbit near the earth must travel faster than one in a geostationary orbit because the pull of gravity is stronger closer to the earth. That is why satellites in low altitude orbits constantly change their position in relation to the surface of the earth. The major difference between such satellites and geostationary satellites is that they can scan different areas of the earth at relatively infrequent periods.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Do Parrots Really Talk or Just Imitates

Parrots are very interesting birds. Many of us tame parrots at our home and trained them to talk. But it is true that parrots talks. Well, let us know how parrots talk.

Parrots do not actually talk but they only imitate the sounds that we make. However, they in real do not understand anything. For them, words do not have any meaning at all and are merely sounds to them. They simply talk in the same way as they make their native sounds like chirping, screaming, cooing etc that they use within a flock.

Many birds mimic various sounds that they hear. Some birds copy the songs of other birds and some can mimic certain man made sounds like musical tunes. However, the sound of human speech can be mimicked by only three families of birds- the parrots, crows and starlings.

Parrots and other birds do not have vocal cords and do not create sound like humans do. They produce sounds by expelling air across their syrinx which is a distended portion of the trachea. The muscles in the throat control the volume of air that flows through the syrinx. Parrots learn to control these muscles so that they can direct airflow and reproduce specific sounds like the sounds of human beings.

In facts, parrots talk to attract attention and possibly to relieve from boredom. If making a certain sound gain attention and treat, they are more likely to repeat the behavior again and again.

This is how parrots are trained to talk repetition, treats and affection. The words are repeated slowly and clearly and once they have learned the word then they probably never forgets!!

How to Use Contact lenses

Contact lenses are thin transparent plastic discs that are used for vision correction. Contact lenses are just like eyeglasses and they are worn directly on the cornea of the eyes. Contact lenses can rectify at the defects that can or cannot be corrected by regular eye glasses.

Contact lenses stay in place by sticking to the layer of tear fluid which floats on the surface of the eye. They are also hold in place by the eyelid pressure. As the eye blinks, it provides lubrication to the cornea. This helps to flush away any impurities that may have become stuck to the contact lens.

Typically, the light rays must converge at the retina i.e. exactly behind the eye ball, so that we can have a clear vision. However, it does not happen so in both the cases of myopia (near sightedness) and hyper myopia (near sightedness). Contact lenses correct this problem by enabling the light rays to converge at the retina and correct the vision problem.

A person suffering from myopia is prescribed contact lenses which are thicker on the edge and thinner in the middle. Such lenses are called minus or concave.

The concave lens spread the light away from the center of the lens and more focal point of the light forward so as to reach the retina.

A person with farsightedness is prescribed to use lenses that are thicker in the middle and thinner at the edge. These lenses bend the light toward the center and move the focal point back. This enables the light to focus on, rather than behind, the retina. Such lenses are called plus or convex.

A person, in astigmatism, has an irregular shaped cornea. This causes the light to converge at different points in the eye and hence leads to blurry vision. In such cases, the contact lenses are designed so as to give the cornea a proper shape. It helps the light rays to converge at a single focal point at the retina.

Some advantages of contact lenses over spectacles are that contact lenses offer a clearer vision than spectacles. They are closes to natural sight and they move with the eye and correct the error closes to the eye. They can even be tinted to protect against the sun. thus, contact lenses provide a much wide field of vision than the ordinary spectacles.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese technique of healing in which pressure is applied to key points on the surface of the skin. Accupressure helps to stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities.
Our internal organ systems are connected with the exterior of our bodies which includes the bones, muscles and also flesh. The connection is made by a series of major energy channels and also by networks of small connecting vessels.

Many years before, the Chinese identified the locations (points) on the body where the energy pathways are found close to the surface. These key points where pressed releases muscular tension. It also helps to promote the circulation of blood and the body’s life force to and healing.

We have also heard of acupuncture. Both acupuncture and Accupressure use the same key points of the body. The only difference between them is that Accupressure employs needle whereas acupuncture use the gentle but firm pressure of hands, elbow, or various devices.

Acupressure helps in accessing and releasing blocked and congested energy centers in our body. The stimulation helps to remove energy blockage by diffusing the toxic build up which accumulates in the muscles tissue. This causes stiffness throughout the body which puts, abnormal pressure on nerves, bloods and lymph vessels affect both skeletal systems and internal organ functioning. The Accupressure massage therapy helps to stimulate and activate the body’s own energies to fight against illness and restore harmony.

Acupressure can help to cure tension, stress, aches and pains, sinus problems. It can also alleviate ailments like migraines, insomnia, depression, arthritis, digestive disorders including diarrhea and even constipation.

Acupressure reduces tension, and helps to increase circulation which enables the body to relax deeply. Accupressure strengthens resistance to disease by relieving stress and promote wellness.
The most important advantage of Accupressure is that it is safe as long as you follow the instruction and pay attention to the cautions. The only healing equipments needed for this technique is our own two hands. And we can practice it any time and anywhere.

How does a compass detect north?

A compass is a navigational instrument. It is used for determining the direction relative to the earth’s magnetic poles.

A compass consists of a magnetized pointer which is usually marked on the north end. This magnetized pointer is free to align itself with the earth’s magnetic field.

A compass needle will always point north no matter which way you spin. Since the needle is a magnet it knows where to point. A magnet pulls other magnet towards itself. The earth’s magnetic field stems from its molten metallic core. Each of the earth’s poles pulls on one end of the compass needle. This causes it to point in a direction that causes it to point in a direction that shows us where north direction is.

Generally compass are sealed instrument having a magnetized bar or needle turning freely upon a pivot or moving in a fluid. The compass was invented in ancient china sometime before the 2nd century. However, it was used for navigation only by the 11th century.

When we think of the North Pole, we usually think of the geographical North Pole. But that is not where a compass needle points. The earth’s magnetic field has a separate north pole. It is the point where the magnetic field lines become vertical and enter the earth and moves gradually with time. This point is currently somewhere off western Greenland, near Canada. The needle of a compass always aligns itself with the magnetic field lines. Hence, it points towards the magnetic north pole.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Relation Between Mental Peace and Success!

Fearlessness: A fearless can achieved anything. Where there is no fear, no tension and anxiety will be there. Hence, peace will prevail automatically making our mind work clearly in balanced mind is not bound to make hasty decisions.

Constant reading: Constant reading and observation is necessary to attain knowledge. Knowledge is our greatest strength and timely action brings us success.

Will power: Weaknesses like laziness and postponing mentality can be kept away with strong will power. A person with a strong will power has sufficient mental strength and never become slaves to bad habits and duds. They move toward success with style!

Discipline: A disciplined person rarely fails in either professional or personal life. Heshe faces difficulties with confidence and courage. Discipline is one of the chief characteristics in personality development.

Planning: Planning and preparation is the only way to achieve a bring future. Make your planning now itself so that your future is perfect and successful.

Honesty: Honesty is the best policy. It is the foundation of one’s life. Admit your mistake and correct it honestly. Never allow dishonest things to disturb your mental peace.

Self confidence: Believe in yourself. History is created by few people who had confidence in themselves and who went against convictions to achieve success.

How to prevent Sleepwalking?

Sometimes, we find some people who simply sit up or stand in bed or act like they are awake and do get up and move around for few seconds. When, in actual, they are asleep! This is what we called as sleep walking.

Sleepwalking is a disorder which is characterized by walking or doing other activities that are normally associated with wakefulness. While the sufferer is actually asleep or in a sleep like state.

Sleepwalking happens in the first few hours of sleep i.e. slow wave or deep sleep. Sleepwalkers are not conscious of what they are doing. They tend to go back to bed on their own and when they actually wake up, they don’t remember anything!

It has been estimated by the researchers that 15% of kids sleepwalk regularly. It may also happen when a person is seek, has a high fever, is not getting enough sleep or he/she is stressed.

It looks funny or even scary to see a sleepwalker in action. Occasional sleepwalking is nothing to worry about but if it occurs frequently like every night or so, then it’s better to see a doctor.

We should take precaution to avoid the sleepwalker from falling down, running into something or walking out of the house while sleepwalking.

There is no cure for sleepwalking. A doctor can talk with the sufferer and help him to find out ways to get more sound sleep. For kids, doctors may recommend a treatment called ‘scheduled awakening’.

In rare cases, a doctor may prescribe medication to help the sufferer sleep. We should not awaken a sleepwalker abruptly because he may get confused or scared. We should gently steer them back to bed.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What is Heart Beat?

Our heart is a strong muscle. It starts to beat before we are born and then keeps on beating throughout our entire life.
A healthy heart neither gets tired nor need to rest. It has important role to perform in our body. It pumps blood throughout our entire body. The average heart beats each day is 100,000 times and it pumps about 7500 liters of blood. In a 70 year lifetime, an average human heart beats more than 2.5 billion times and it never stops beating until it fails.
The source of energy for the heart is ATP (adenosine tri phosphate) which is generated by the metabolism of food that we ingest.
The generation of repeated electrical signals in two specialized regions of the heart controls the beating of the heart. The two specialized regions of the heart are the senatorial node and the arterial ventricular node. These two signals are propagated in well controlled synchronized manner. This produces the “lop-dup” sound of our heartbeat.
The node sends out more signals when we exercise and speeds up our heart rate. This helps the blood that is moving through our body to deliver oxygen more quickly to the muscles. Special chemicals are released in our body when we are scared which makes the nodes to fire our more signals. That’s why our heart pounds when we are scared!!

Why does Earth Rotate?

The main reason for earth’s rotation is that there is nothing to stop it!!

The Earth and everything that exist on it is spinning, revolving and moving through the emptiness of space and the space gets emptier and emptier. The air is held by gravity and there is hardly anything in the space to drag on us.

The earth was formed from cosmic dust over four and a half billion years ago and since then it started spinning. Specks of dust have gravity even though they may be tiny. The particles that were left over from the explosions of distant stars pulled themselves together. These particles then formed the Sun, the moon, asteroids, the other plants and our own Earth.

In fact, the Earth and the other planets are enormous balls of deep space dust that came from all directions in space. The process of cosmic dust making is still going on and we can see exploding star with the help of a sensitive telescope.

The un evenness of the dust when the Earth was formed made the earth to take on a little rotation and that motion makes the world go round still today!

Monday, 14 May 2012

How to make yourself happy?

Think positive: positive thinking is very necessary to work out any problem. Instead of thinking the problems and getting worried, think of the best outcome and work hard to bring out the success that you desire.

Observe your thought process: Our thoughts and ideas need to be observed consistently as we may be in problem when we are struck with negative thoughts. Sometimes we feel anxious, afraid and angry. These thoughts can be controlled by working on a math problem, counting backwards or solving a puzzle. Then you can imagine things that make you feel good and happy.

Be a giver: Sacrificing time for others is a must for a happy relationship. Take out times so that you can spend it with your dear ones. Being selfish, demanding and inconsiderate of others will bring an unhappy relationship. To know the secret of happiness, try to develop the habit of being a giver.
See everything for exactly what it is: Nobody in this world is perfect. No one has everything that he/she desired and everyone has something of sorrow mixed with gladness of life, we just have to out weigh tears by laughter.
Lighter up: Laughter is the best medicine. Lighter up your heart and take out time to laugh at yourself and the situation you are in. never over analyze anything because that will give to stress. Stress can cause many problems so just let go of the things that is out of your control.
Be yourself: Comparing yourself with others is not good because you may find yourself at the ‘short end’. So, just calm down and try to be yourself and learn from your own mistake. This will help you gain self respect which will make you happy!
Choose your friends carefully: Every one of us needs company, but we must be careful while choosing our friends because a bad friend may treat us badly and bring us unhappiness in our life. We should surround ourselves with friends who are positive, encouraging and helpful to us so that we can have positive progress in our life.
Keep learning: Keeping our mind busy with something or the other is very necessary. We can learn new things in which we are interested in. this will bring a new outlook on our life.
Set goals: Have a definite goal in your life. It is very much necessary so as to bring power in yourself and realize your own responsibility.
Be healthy: Health is wealth. A healthy body and healthy mind will function properly and in the right way. Have a balanced diet everyday to maintain a good health and get plenty of exercise. Only when you are healthy, your mind will be happy!!  

How to Prevent HEAT STROKE in Summer?

Heat stroke is a big problem that we face in summer. In many cases, heat stroke can be fatal as we don’t have much time to react! 

To maintain our normal body temperature (98.60F) in hot summer, sweating is very important. Our body can keep itself cool by putting moisture on the skin and allowing it to evaporate.

Sweat can be manufactured when there is plenty of water in our body. If our body run out of water, sweat stops and our body rapidly overheats, which is what usually happens in summer.

In a hot environment, our body can produce 2 liters of sweat every hour. Hence, we need to drink water at the sane rate or else we will dehydrate and stop sweating. Therefore, we must keep drinking water regardless of how thirsty we feel because it is the only way to avoid dehydration.

Another factor for heat stroke is high humidity, which keeps the sweat from evaporating. In both the cases, the lack of sweat or the inability to evaporate the sweat, the body temperature rises if it is hot outside. So, it is a serious problem when the body temperature rises to 106oF.

Some symptoms for heat stroke include red, that, dry skin. The body dilates skin blood vessels so as to release heat, this makes the skin red. The dryness of skin is due to the lack of sweat. These symptoms are followed by rapid heart rate, dizziness and confusion.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

How do Engines Work?

An engine consists of a solid cylinder called a piston. The piston slides up and down a smooth and hollow cylinder which has an air tight lid called a cylinder head. The cylinder head contains valve that let the fuel in and exhaust out. It also contains a spark plug that is used to ignite the fuel for petrol engine. For a diesel engine, the fuel gets ignited on its own because of the heat due to compression.

When the fuel burns it expands and pushes the piston down. The piston is attached to a crank. This crank converts the up and down motion of the piston into turning motion which turns the wheels.

Vehicles contain a small but powerful electric motor called the starter. The starter is connected to the engine. The starter turns the engine when the vehicle’s ignition key is turned. Then the fuel and air are drowned into the cylinder. The spark plug then ignites the fuel and thus starts the engine. Once the engine gets started it keeps running on its own and the starter is turn off.

The battery provides the electricity for the starter which is charged by the current that comes from the dynamo or alternator. The dynamo generates the electricity when its shaft is turned by the engine of the car. Thus, it is clear that the electrical energy that is required to turn the starter motor so as to start the engine is actually provided by the engine itself.

Two wheelers like scooters and motorcycles do not have a starter that runs on battery. For such vehicles, a kick starter is used which turn the engine and get things moving.

How to quit laziness?

Be patient To quit a habit is not a small thing. It takes times obviously, so be patient and try to calm down.

From little things to bigger thing To avoid being lazy, you can first start with small things like cleaning up your room. Then slowly you can move onto other bigger works like getting up early in the morning and going for a walk.

Do things right away If you have any work to be completed, just does it right away. Do not wait and waste your time. This will help you to lessen stress and mental pressure due to incomplete work. 

Remember that no one will come and does your work while you are sitting around.

Get a schedule Getting a schedule will help you avoid laziness. You may not like to get up early in the morning but if you maintain a schedule and wake up the same time every morning then you will feel so much less lazy.

Just do it There is no cure for laziness. You should remember that the only way to overcome laziness is by setting up your mind to it and at the right time. So, don’t waste your time any more and just do it!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

What are Mri Scans?

As presently as Computerized Picturing or CT scans became approachable in the 1970s, they reformed the activity of neurology. They did the scans by transmitting x-ray streams all the way through the pedagogue at variant positions and accumulating the x-ray streams on the new side that was not attentive by the advance. A sequence of images turn into compass on a machine vessel or on an x-ray receptacle as if the progression had been sliced from opinion to view by a huge salami quarryman and the slices were laid out horizontally and in programme.

After that, in the 1980s Magnetised Resonance Imaging or MRI scans came into the impression and astounded the examination order by not retributory taking an human of the brainpower itself, but by doing so in a new way. MRIs lessen on thing molecules, as an secondary to picturing the laurels to which the varied parts of the topic absorb x-rays. To be writer specific, MRIs tell the move at which rotating element atoms of irrigate molecules interior varied parts of the brainpower either line up or victory out of preparation with a puissant magnetized land. These examine on a machine covering or x-ray typewrite record in hues of achromatic. Abnormal compositions, equivalent brain tumors or the signs of duplex pathology, are shown in their own hues of old and are also specifiable by their contours and positions. Effort cell of a antithetic set of images after a hypodermal solution of gadolinium, which is the MRI equal of x-ray dye, also adds to analytical info.

For a forbearing, the incident of having a CT and of having an MRI very some looks a lot similar apiece another. In both situations the patient lies even on a plane fare that moves into and out of a difficulty in the scanner that looks a lot equal an oversize donut hollow. In the MRI organization the donut hit is narrower, so patients hurting from claustrophobia person to apprize their doctors if this might be a rub. Dissonance is also an supplying with the MRI organization. A yelled noise is produced every instant the radio cardinal coils are upturned off and on. For either of these two scans the individual may poorness to inclose a molest in the enduring's vena to treat a defined inwardness.

A state in which MRIs are fundamentally not finished is when the persevering has a nerve racehorse. This is for the saneness that the MRI tool's magnet strength move the pacesetter and foreclose the temperament. No appearance is so requisite and heavy that this peril would be couturier attractive. Added place in which an MRI is evaded is when the patient is staidly ill. A serious tolerant can be effectively examined and continuous patch exploit a CT construe, but not piece exploit an MRI.

What is Fiber Optics Technology?

Understanding how material optics are prefab and suffice for uses in familiar spiritedness is an provocative employ of art composed with study. Stuff optics has been fictitious from materials that transport sunstruck and are prefab from a money of really emaciated container or impressible fibers embedded in a tubing. One end is at a source of lightheaded and images around the unwellness and corners. Stuff optics soul a highly transparent nucleus of change, or impressible enclosed by a covering called "protection". Sandy is aroused finished a source on one end of the stuff modality and as the incandescent travels finished the tube, the cladding is there to record it all inner. A clump of stuff optics may be inclination or twisted without distorting the tripping inspiration can move sunlit over aggregation distances, ranging from a few inches to over 100 miles.

There are two kinds of trait optics. The single-mode cloth optic is misused for overflowing speeding and endless interval transmissions because they jazz extremely tiny cores and they abide temperate only along the alinement of the fibers. Tiny lasers channelize featherlike straight into the fiber opthalmic where there are low-loss connectors old to connexion the fibers within the grouping without substantially noxious the know more large cores and swallow devolve from a difference of angles and can use writer types of featherlike sources. Multi-mode textile optics also use fewer overpriced connectors, but they cannot be misused over stretch distances as with the single-mode fibre optics.

Fabric optics acquire a greatest difference of uses. Most ordinary and widely utilised in connection systems, textile exteroception connection systems make a variety of features that work it tiptop to the systems that use the traditional metal cables. The use of fabric optics with these systems use a large information-carrying volume where they are not hassled with electrical trouble and order few amplifiers then the copper video systems. Trait optical connexion systems are installed in gigantic networks of gettable to furnish you with the human textile optical equipment.

In textile visual act systems, lasers are used to convey messages in denotative inscribe by experience on and off at elated speeds. This write can make a phonation or an electronic file containing, book, drawing, or illustrations, all by using fibre optics. The lightness from more lasers are further unitedly onto a unary fiber optical facultative thousands of currents of data to flip finished a solitary fibre opthalmic cablegram at one reading. This data gift contour of its original signals. Industries also use material optics to determine temperatures, pushing, speeding and voltage, among an accumulation of additional uses.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Tips For Buying Affordable Laptop

Laptops are gaining in popularity these life. Nigh everyone is carrying one now either for utilise or diversion. Laptops with the last technology are introduced to the industry quotidian and these new laptops descend with a large toll tag. Notwithstanding, that does not link you cannot get a saving and gaudy laptop. I human put unitedly a handbook that may provide you out in your run for a inferior and moral laptop.

Buy ungenerous laptop with experienced discipline
Rapid progress in field makes it mindless to buy the last discipline at a squeaky price. When laptop with wireless ability original came to the activity, a unit with this technology can outgo up strongbox US$2500. NOw after 2 years, you can get a relatively hastening centrino laptop for less than US$1000

Buy utilised or refurbished laptop
The discourtesy of a laptop assess is so squeaking, that after one year in the mart, a laptop can easily decline half its assess. So if you are superficial for a twopenny laptop, face for one which is closemouthed to one assemblage old. Not all used laptop are in bad shape. You module be thunderstruck to reason that many utilised laptops are solace in safe premise because their owners are force users or gamers, I similar to buy electronic gadgets including laptops from velar nucleus cause users or gamers. Let me assets with you why. Gamers or powerfulness users ordinarily compel the latest and most superhuman bailiwick to run their games or country starved applications. They ofttimes module not conclude for product optimal. They also love the inclination to tag after the latest subject. So after one assemblage, they will be bored of what they fuck and gift look to delude off their laptops so that they can buy a new one. Now if you are hunt to buy stingy laptops with up to appointment engineering and you happen to favorable and loud laptop from them.

Examine through play forums and local vice community
if you do not already someone friends who similar to drama computer games, then scanning through gaming forums on the internet is another way to get ample and sixpenny deals for used laptop. Internet makes it easy for you to do this. Go to and commence intelligent for vice forums. Meet each and everyone and see if they human a Trading Music. You faculty definitely see numerous writer from gamers perception to deceive their diversion laptops.

Icon finished topical bulletin boards
Do ikon finished topical bulletin boards nigh you for inexpensive deals on laptop.Especially if there are software companies around the region. Software companies do pay their utilized computers or laptops for sale when their software projects end. I personally had gotten a few sainted deals for my phratry and friends.

Await for tacky laptop with at smallest 512mb store
This is especially beta for used laptop. If the processor swiftness is adagio, then having more storage can remunerate for the demand in intensify. In fact, The filler of hardware plays a big concept in determining how alacritous a laptop runs an utilization. Fair by multiplicative the remembering situation, you can see a vast difference in speeding. A punk laptop with at lowest 512mb store can run most non lifelike modifier program easily.

Get flash laptop from reputable concern
This is very crucial because if you are purchasing victimized laptop, then the chances of requiring service is higher than a new laptop. So if you buy from a prestigious maker, you faculty economies a lot of travail and reading if your laptop do order servicing.

10 Steps To A Riskless, Smooth Flowing PC

These ten steps present better you amount your machine's warranty. From discovering viruses to learning how to avoid them, this is a staleness show!

Windows password: This is the easiest way to piddle trusty you mate who is using your pc. Opt a protracted watchword that contains city and bunk showcase letters. Including a limit or two give greatly increase your warrant. Having a Windows arcanum way that the exclusive fill that can log onto a Windows meeting are people that you bonk acknowledged operation to.

Password manager: You should never correspond your passwords doctor. Using the same password all the term will also play it rattling uncomplicated for hackers to achieve your personalised entropy. So if you can't write it thrown and you're not
questionable to use the identical one - how are you supposed to maintain evidence of all of your passwords? The easiest way to do this is to use a secret handler. We promote to use Roboform. Roboform is an gentle to use arcanum and salience manager that docks neatly into your Net Soul toolbar and keeps path of all of your passwords for you. Roboform also uses a master secret grouping. You leave individual one parole that accesses all of the passwords in the curriculum. This way you can cell all of your collection riskless and guaranteed. You can download Roboform for unconfined by

Spyware Remover: Succeeding to email, spyware is the internet's greatest bother. By definition, spyware is "any software that covertly gathers user message finished the human's Net conveyance without his or her knowledge, commonly for advertising purposes. Once installed, the spyware monitors mortal reflexion on the Cyberspace and transmits that accumulation in the vista to someone added. Spyware can also aggregation accumulation nearly e-mail addresses and plane passwords and commendation roster lottery." The quantity of spyware that exists on your pc is recipient on the quantity of internet surfriding you do. A salutary bound of touch here is to construe for spyware erst per week or whenever needy scheme performance surfaces. If you don't human a spyware scanner, we advise

Antivirus: This should go without language, but if your computer is siamese to the net you impoverishment antivirus software. With weekly scans and promulgation updates you should be shielded from most threats. For extra assets, we advise using many than one anvtivirus detector.

Firewall: A firewall instrument cook friendless visitors out of your machine. You can obtain a firewall either by using software coating similar ZoneAlarm or Disgraceful Ice Combatant, or by using a router with your net relation. For statesman entropy on routers plese meet

Line distribution: Essentially, file sharing programs are the solitary large section chance you testament uprise crossways. This is because the only facts you hold nearly the files you are downloading are the record study and the enter filler. It is quite smooth to locomote a filename to befool someone into downloading a virus or opposite malware suchlike keystroke recorders. Our advice - detain forth from line distribution at all costs. If you poverty to use it, act certain you get updated antivirus software installed and jetting.

Explore: In a condemn - bang what's out there.  has a cutting on their website  that instrument cater you healed. Informed what types of viruses exist  and how to avoid them instrument eliminate you a untold smarter net individual.

Email protection: Most of the antivirus applications obtainable engage email scanning. If yours does not, you instrument impoverishment to get one that does. Netmail scanning present micturate careful all of your inbound and extroversive emails are uninjured for both you and the acquirer. Telecommunicate viruses spread very quick by using your speak collection to move. Never read netmail from group you don't cognise and ever accomplish careful your netmail scanner is overactive.

Material safeguard: Another way that viruses spreading is through computer networks. We person a few excitable tips to donjon your web secure. Always ikon any files that travel in from another computers. Flush if it's a record you eff brought from housing. Never estimate a line to be placed on your cloth until it
has been scanned. The primary computer should be the only machine with record intercourse enabled. By not allowing computer users to channelise files, you can quick nullify a danger.

Maintenance: Performing weekly virus and spyware scans leave go a want way to holding your machine uninjured. Defragmenting weekly faculty also greatly improve performance. If you put in the activity, you give be rewarded with a uninjured and unnotched lengthwise pc. Not to remark lower headaches!

By masses these ten escort lines, you will greatly turn the action of your machine. You module also generate hearts ease of psyche as you increase a new module of department.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Spywares? How to get rid of spyware from your computer?

Is your computer been operating slower than native? Are you worried someone may be fit to access your computer and steal your cloistered aggregation and use it against you? If so, these are feelings I make mutual with you in the chivalric.

Few abstraction play, my 3-year old machine was streaming so inactive that I had to buy a new computer. Or at lowest I thought I needed a new machine. Then within a weigh of weeks of surfboarding on the Cyberspace, my new computer was also working so slow. In element, whatsoever programs did not run good on my machine, and I did not discern some of the programs that were pouring on my computer. That afraid me most. Were these programs that were following my keystrokes on my machine or programs I just not mention start? I knew I had to judge a solve and bleach presto.

The actuality is, we can all put up with a retard machine, but very few of us would necessary others to somebody hit to the message on our computers, but that is just what can occur when spyware or malware is undischarged on our computers without our knowledge.

According to Spyware Nuker's web situation, "Spyware applications are programs and files that conceal on your PC's marmoreal force without your displace knowledge. These programs allow hackers and business companies to grounds your every advise, both online and regularize when you transform offline. They can route the websites you impose, the items that you buy online, the emails you displace and have, your Instant Message book, and shell of all they can symmetrical enter your impute bill circumscribe, private identification numbers, and all of your passwords. If you use dial-up to link to the Internet then spyware can be old to shortish angle of the hurt that spyware can cause."

The web situation also provides statistics that impart spyware is a vast problem effecting more people. "27.3 cardinal Americans jazz been victims of identity felony in the end squad life, including 9.91 1000000 group or 4.6% of the accumulation in the terminal period unequaled."

In addition, it is rattling simplified for your machine to get pussy with spyware as "The majority of all downloadable games, penalisation, screensavers, etc., can contaminate your machine with SpyWare or AdWare. Most group do not know that after just clicking on a random "pop up" ad, their computers may make been putrid with SpyWare or AdWare."

No matter how we get spyware, here are 10 really echt reasons you don't necessity spyware on your machine.

1. Your computer may signal flowing slower
2. Whatever programs on your machine testament not run right
3. You may not discern programs that are now on your computer because they may hump been installed there by a spyware correlate web site or thought you undischarged on your machine.

Additionally, you might be worried that:

4. Someone mightiness be able to translate your e-mails
5. Someone strength be fit to operation your e-mail angle
6. Someone mightiness be able to see you extract the keystrokes you write
7. Someone power be able to admittance your commendation separate info on your pc
8. Someone mightiness be competent to attain your passwords enumerate on your machine
9. Someone strength be fit to steal your sociable protection size
10. Someone strength be fit to rails all the web sites you call

As I mentioned, most of these programs get on your computer with out you yet lettered, but other frustrative construct is I recognised a few of these programs because I recollect installment AND uninstalling them! So now I mate that when we position many of these handy slight utilities to itinerary passwords online or programs to serve with e-mail or livelihood rail of the withstand, justified if we uninstall them, they may not be spent from our computers. They are relieve in our computers, ready to spy on us, at the lowest.

A major way to acquire and remove spyware is to run a spyware detector and remover. Most spyware catching and separation software today offers a discharged scan to examine that you do or do not hold spyware on your computer.

Advantages Of Barcoding And Barcode Scanners

The use of barcoding and barcode scanners has transformed operational efficiencies of a phenomenal periodical of businesses both monolithic and teensy. Unanalyzable yet impressive, the barcode as an excogitation has prefabricated itself indispensable purely by the multi-faceted advantages that its offers to the somebody crosswise the full barcoding spectrum - from generating barcodes through customizable barcode generating software parcel up to disenchanted barcode scanners and barcode readers. Here we recognise to you the killer advantages of these incredible devices.

Advantage 1: Fastness and Accuracy - A rattling echt aggregation message operator would be fit to succeed a 12 extremity size (same quantity codification for admonition) on his keyboard in approximately 4-5 seconds, but the calculate would be author like 7 seconds. The one activity if performed with a barcode scanner would acquire honourable one flick of the wrist, less than a back. The constant disagreement is manifest - the use of the barcodes is unpaired in its knowledge to tool through astronomical effortlessly. Piece a collection message operator power gain keyboard errors when he types in information, the chances of a barcode reverend sharing wrongdoing product is practically extinct tending virtually to nought. For all applied purposes, accuracy is accurate, every experience the barcode reverend makes its graceful move over the barcode.

Advantage 2: Effort Relieve - You resolve you need to play using barcodes for your products but are worried that you bed never finished it before? Prize not, for in 10-20 transactions of your experience that scenario module get transposed. The use of barcode readers is almost childishly human with no responsibility for exercise. Not exclusive can anybody do it, but they can do it quickly as good for the acquisition form of using barcodes is extremely center and swindle.

Advantage 3: Blast for the buck - If you could fascinate message quick and accurately, it could exclusive convey a tighter ply ligament and well-knit job processes supported on this accumulation. With premium message, you can get supreme byplay decisions that amount investor treasure. Ideate what disastrous consequences improper information could bang on your acting! A vast compendium of barcodes and barcode detector unretentive a point as 6 to 10 months - way faster than most current technologies that try to change the way we manage our playacting. Thusly the barcode music is one where the client genuinely gets healthful amount for money and spot issue on finance.

One can never get enough of the importance and advantages of barcodes and barcode scanners. It now exclusive remains for you to play scouring the mart for varied barcoding solutions to unlock the large savings and gains that are prevarication in inactivity for your playacting! Go high and barcode your commerce growing in to the upcoming!

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Side Effects of Energy Drinks

Consumption of sports and energy drinks, which is increasing especially among adolescents, is causing irreversible damage to teeth-specifically, the high acidity levels in the drinks erode tooth enamel, the glossy outer layer of the tooth- say researchers including one of an Indian origin.

And energy drinks are twice as likely to destroy enamel than sports drinks.

"Young adults consume these drinks assuming that they will improve their sports performance and energy levels and that they are 'better' for them than soda," said Poonam Jain, BDS, MS, MPH, lead author of the study.

"Most of these patients are shocked to learn that these drinks are essentially bathing their teeth with acid," she noted.

Researchers examined the acidity levels in 13 sports drinks and nine energy drinks. They found that the acidity levels could vary between brands of beverages and flavours of the same brand.

To test the effect of the acidity levels, the researchers immersed samples of human tooth enamel in each beverage for 15 minutes, followed by immersion in artificial saliva for two hours. This cycle was repeated four times a day for five days, and the samples were stored in fresh artificial saliva at all other times.

"This type of testing simulates the same exposure that a large proportion of American teens and young adults are subjecting their teeth to on a regular basis when they drink one of these beverages every few hours," said Dr. Jain.

The researchers found that damage to enamel was evident after only five days of exposure to sports or energy drinks, although energy drinks showed a significantly greater potential to damage teeth than sports drinks. In fact, the researchers found that energy drinks caused twice as much damage to teeth as sports drinks.

Damage caused to tooth enamel is irreversible, and without the protection of enamel, teeth become overly sensitive, prone to cavities, and more likely to decay.

"Teens regularly come into my office with these types of symptoms, but they don't know why," says AGD spokesperson Jennifer Bone, DDS, MAGD. "We review their diet and snacking habits and then we discuss their consumption of these beverages. They don't realize that something as seemingly harmless as a sports or energy drink can do a lot of damage to their teeth."

Dr. Bone recommends that her patients minimize their intake of sports and energy drinks. She also advises them to chew sugar-free gum or rinse the mouth with water following consumption of the drinks.

"Both tactics increase saliva flow, which naturally helps to return the acidity levels in the mouth to normal," she stated.

Also, patients should wait at least an hour to brush their teeth after consuming sports and energy drinks. Otherwise, said Dr. Bone, they will be spreading acid onto the tooth surfaces, increasing the erosive action.

The study was published in the May/June 2012 issue of General Dentistry, the peer-reviewed clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Albert Einstein - Some Funny Facts

Einstein was prompted to write the list when, in 1914, he realised that after 11 years, his marriage to first wife Maric - one of the first women to study mathematics and physics in Europe - was destined for failure. The scientist ordered that she keep his rooms tidy, bring him three meals a day (to be eaten in his room), keep his clothes and laundry in good order, and keep his bedroom and study neat (she should not use his desk, of course)

Albert Einstein may be regarded as one of the world's most important scientists but despite his innumerable professional successes, he found it hard to sustain a thriving personal life, according to a new book.

In fact, Einstein specified in his list of conditions that she must not expect Einstein to either sit with her, or accompany her outside of the house - and she must stop talking when he requests.

She must 'renounce all personal relations' not strictly necessary for social reasons - which should not include expecting to be accompanied on social engagements.lso, Einstein stipulated that his wife should not expect any intimacy from him, should not reproach him in any way; should stop talking to him if he requested it; should leave his bedroom or study immediately without protest if requested, and should refrain from belittling him in front of the children, either through words or behaviour.

However, just a few months after he issued his misogynistic manifesto, she left Einstein in Berlin and moved with their sons, Hans Albert and Eduard (their daughter, Lieserl, born in 1902, was given up for adoption), to Zurich.

As a testimony to that fact, the father of the theory of relativity is known to have had many liaisons throughout his marriage to Maric. In fact, he became involved with Elsa, a first cousin who would become his second wife, in 1912, when he was still married to his first wife.

Although Einstein married Elsa in 1919, within four years he was already involved with Bette Neumann, his secretary and the niece of one of his friends.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

How to control your anger effectively

Never make decisions or share opinions when angry.

We are sure you all have heard this or read this many times before. But not all of us can actually put this into practise. We do mess up our friendships, relationships by saying things we shouldn’t have just because we were too angry to watch our words. If you’ve found yourself in a similar soup many times, then it is necessary for you to take steps to control this self-destructive behaviour.

1. Switch off

The moment you find yourself getting too angry and on the verge of blurting out what you know you shouldn’t, we advise you to shut your brain off. Yes, completely switch off from whatever anyone is saying and start ignoring the situation that is the reason behind this uncontrollable anger. The moment you retract into your safety cocoon, and detach yourself from the happenings, you will be able to focus on the larger picture and not impulsively say things you know you shouldn’t.

2. Breathe

Breathe from your gut. Breathe in and breathe out and totally relax your senses. Breathing is an age old, tried and tested technique that will help you to calm down. It may sound silly to you and you may wonder how one can stop being angry and start focusing on one’s breathing. Well, you can combine techniques one and two. Switch off and focus on your breathing. The purpose is to divert your attention and gain control over your anger.

3. Think and react

Once you have taken the time out and relaxed your senses, you can ponder over the situation and get to the crux of what is troubling you. This unbiased evaluation of the situation will help you look at things/issues reasonably. A cool head will help you evaluate what is wrong and what is not and will stop you from messing things up unnecessarily because of anger.

4. Talk calmly, apologise if you must

After you’ve analysed the situation you can continue the argument in a dignified, composed manner. Touch on points of relevance and cut the unnecessary finger-pointing and blame game out. Check your tone and voice levels and apologise if you have gone wrong somewhere.

This is an easy 4 step anger control process. Practise it whenever you get angry, and with time you will find the anger abating and gradually reducing in intensity.

Top 10 Tips to avoid Back Aches

Looking after your back, is by far, one of the most important things you can do as part of your daily routine. Anyone who’s ever had a back ache will agree on how it affects every other aspect of your life and can range from mild discomfort to being utterly debilitating.

The back extends from the neck, down to the buttocks, lending support to many structures and organs en route like the ribs and the pelvis. The back is formed by bones called vertebrae which are placed one on top of the other to form the spine.

There are many causes of backaches and most of them can be prevented by applying some basic principles, while others are serious enough to prompt a visit to the physician. Here are some general tips one can follow to keep the back in good shape.

1. Pay attention to your posture:

This cannot be said enough. Slouching, sitting on sofas which do not offer firm support to the back and sleeping in an awkward position may give you a stiff back the next morning. Reclining in a chair without support to the lower back in the form of a cushion is a no-no. Sleeping on the side in the foetal position is the best way to take the pressure off a weak back.

Do you have a desk job? Then this workplace ergonomics article is a must for you.
2. Maintain optimum weight:

When you put on more weight than your frame can carry, you put pressure on the muscles of the back and abdomen which were not designed to be overloaded. This kind of backache is simply the muscles protesting against the added burden.

Do it like a supermodel! Yaana Gupta’s fitness secrets revealed.

3. Avoid direct pressure on the spine:

When someone other than a professional offers to give you a back massage they may put pressure directly over the spine. This is a wrong technique and may further compound the problem. The best way is to massage on both sides of the spine in a symmetrical fashion with circular motions.
4. Be active and on the move:

Being in any one posture for long intervals of time causes a sore back. If you have a desk job, make sure you walk during your coffee and lunch breaks. This improves your blood circulation and uses the muscles to an extent.

Walk, walk, walk! Here are 10 reasons why walking rocks.
5. Bend correctly:

While bending, one must remember not to bend from the waist but from the knees keeping the back straight as far as possible. This is especially important while lifting luggage or heavy items.
6. Increase exercise reps slowly and steadily:
Many people injure their backs while working out in the gym because of lack of correct instruction. Overdoing abdominal crunches, using heavier weights than you are used to and increasing your reps drastically will land you with a bad back. You land up with a muscle strain and then have to ease off or avoid the workout altogether.

Here’s why you should never underestimate the importance of a warm-up.
7. For an acute backache:

Put up your feet and get some rest. Use ice packs a few times a day for the first two days, then switch over to heat in the form of hot compresses or a hot water bag.
8. Stretch a sore back:

Stretching is a great way to relieve backache. While lying flat on the bed, bring your knees slowly to your chest and put a little pressure then relax and repeat. This is helpful for lower back pain.
9. Get out of bed right:

When the alarm clock rings every morning the first thought is to hurry out of bed. Resist the thought and take your time. First roll over to the edge of the bed and lie flat on your back. Then bring your feet down to the floor and bend your upper body sideways. Do not get up vertically and sit in bed as that puts a lot of pressure on the back.

Ergonomics for the bedroom. Read and reap the benefits.
10. Medication:

An aspirin a day can help chronic backaches, which last for days together due to their anti-inflammatory effect. An alternative is ibuprofen or another NSAID. Before starting on medication, check with your doctor first.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Home Remedies for Acne and Pimples

Acne or pimples are among the most common of skin problems with a global prevalence.

Earlier, it was believed that only those in their teens or late-teens are prone to developing acne. Now, pimples due to stress, lifestyle choices, hormonal changes and various forms of adult acne have been discovered.

Further, there is little clarity about how acne can be comprehensively cured. Most over-the-counter creams and lotions are ineffective. Further, some of them tend to irritate the skin. This article takes a different approach to treating acne and pimples, i.e. using home remedies that are safer and help to promote overall, healthy skin. Your choices for treating acne in a natural way include:

Treating Acne at Home with Orange Peel

Orange Peel is an easy home remedy. It provides the skin an instant boost of vitamin C that helps to neutralize the inflammation of pimples. To prepare the peel, you need some shreds of orange skin. Just grind them and add some water. Use the paste like a face mask. Keep it on for about 15 minutes. However, if you have an established allergy to vitamin C, avoid this. Another useful home remedy that utilizes the healing power of vitamin C is using lemon juice. Mix equal amounts of lemon juice with honey. Apply this in the form of small drops, dabbed on the acne. Allow this to dry for a couple of hours and then rinse your face.

Treating Acne due to Blood Impurities

Garlic is among the most potent of natural destroyers of toxic compounds found in the human body. When consumed whole, cloves of raw garlic help to boost the metabolism. This helps the body to detoxify within a few days. This is particularly useful for pimples due to impurities in the blood.

Treating Summer Break-out of Acne

Coriander juice is very cooling and an ideal acne aid for the summer months. Mix some coriander juice with half a tablespoon of turmeric powder. This mixture needs to be lightly dabbed on the skin before going to bed. Wash the face in the morning. The other option is to use mint juice instead of coriander juice. This is particularly useful for the small zits that appear on the forehead during summers.

Acne Home Remedy for Dry Skin

People with dry skin have a dual problem. Firstly, their dry skin creates too much of debris that tends to clog the pores and causes acne. Secondly, they cannot use moisturizing aids due to the presence of acne. The solution lies in using a paste made of honey and some ground almonds. This is best done when the temperatures aren't scorching. The paste needs to be applied all over the face and left for about 20 minutes. Rinse the face with cold water and wipe it with a dry towel.

Fenugreek & Cumin for All Types of Acne

Fenugreek is among the more recommended of home remedies for treating pimples if you have a comedogenic skin. This means your skin has a tendency to develop acne when exposed to the sun or harsh climatic conditions or due to the smallest of changes in your lifestyle. Here, a paste made of fenugreek seeds is a useful preventative aid. However, if you want to control the sudden breakout of pimples, you need to use cumin. This is a rich source of zinc. Just ground some cumin, mix it with water and apply the paste on the pimples before retiring to bed. In the morning, you will find the size and redness of the zits remarkably reduced.

Dietary Recommendations to Treat Pimples: Skin Vitamins & Zinc

Some vitamins are particularly healthy for keeping the skin healthy and helping it recover from an acne breakout. This is why vitamin A is among the most common of ingredients among acne treatment creams. To ensure your vitamin A intake is sufficient, try to eat more of sweet potatoes, eggs, lean meats and pumpkin. Vitamin B3 or Niacin is the other, most important of skin vitamins. Ensure that your intake of mushrooms, fish, brinjal, green peas, carrots, spinach, fennel, cauliflower and chicken is high to sustain appreciable amounts of niacin. Vitamin E is among the most critical of skin vitamins from the perspective of helping it prevent the onset of acne. Thus, you need to ensure greater intake of tomatoes, sprouts and papaya. Oats, mushrooms and spinach are good sources of dietary zinc. This rare, micro-nutrient is the hidden ingredient in most pimple-zapping cosmetic aids.

Here, the emphasis is on exploring acne cures that don’t put forth risks associated with steroidal and chemically-formulated creams. Pills recommended for curing acne often contain hormone-affecting compounds that can be quite harmful.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

5 little mistakes that harm your Skin

Slather on sunscreen, check your skin regularly for suspicious marks and moles—for the past four years, Cosmo has been reminding readers to adopt these three big-picture healthy-skin habits so you don't end up another skin-cancer statistic. The numbers are scary: cases of melanoma—the deadliest form of skin cancer—among young women have doubled in the past few decades, and melanoma is the most prevalent cancer in women in their 20s.

But protecting yourself is more than just adopting a few large-scale pro-active measures. It's also crucial that you take a close look at your lifestyle and catch any hidden risk factors that leave you more susceptible to skin cancer without your even realising it. With this in mind, we consulted top dermatologists, zeroing in on the five mistakes young women make.

Mistake 1:
You use moisturiser as sunscreen
Moisturiser infused with sunscreen is one of the best beauty-product combos since the compact, affording you extra SPF protection. The problem, however, is relying on it as your only SPF defense.

"Many moisturisers have an SPF of only 15, and because it's more of a beauty product, women tend not to apply it as thickly as they should, says Stanley J. Miller, M.D, associate professor of dermatology at Johns Hopkins Hospital and spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology. "They might be getting an SPF of only about 7...and even less if they don't re-apply their moisturiser every couple of hours. While moisturiser is a must for skin hydration, if you're going to be outside for more than 15 minutes, apply a facial sunscreen as well.

Mistake 2:
You haven't checked out your family cancer history
True, most cases of skin cancer—especially basal cell and squa mous cell carcinomas, the less deadly forms of the disease—are directly caused by exposure to UV rays from either too much sun exposure or indoor tanning. But there's also a genetic component to skin cancer that leaves some people more susceptible than others. This is especially important when it comes to melanoma.

The facts: one first-degree relative (mom, dad, or sibling) with melanoma gives you up to a threetimes-greater risk of the disease over someone with no family history, according to a study in the Journal Of Investigative Dermatology. It also sets you up for developing melanoma earlier: the American Society of Clinical Oncology reports that the average age for melanoma to be diagnosed in people with a family history is in their 30s; the average age among the general public is in their 50s.

"There's a strong hereditary pre-disposition to melanoma—behaviours like the whole family balking at using sunscreen can play a role, but it also boils down to genetics, explains Albert Lefkovits, M.D., associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. If a second-degree relative (grandparents, cousins) has had melanoma, your risk may be one-and-a-half times greater. And it's not about a family history of just skin cancer but other cancers as well. You should alert your dermatologist if anyone in your family has had both melanoma and pancreatic cancer or melanoma and breast or ovarian cancers. At least two genes have been linked to familial melanoma, and some mutations in these genes may predispose you to these other cancers.

Mistake 3:
You bum a few cigarettes sometimes
Lighting up at parties or grabbing a cigarette or two at happy hour may allow you to stay just shy of officially being tagged a smoker. But in terms of the damage it does, your not-every-day habit still raises your risk.

Toxins in cigarette smoke are poison to your skin cells. Not only do these toxins accelerate the aging process so skin develops fine lines and age spots, but they also trigger the DNA damage that can put you in line for skin cancer, says Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D., co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery. This may explain why studies have shown that smokers have higher rates of squamous cell carcinoma.

If that's not enough, having smoke wafting around your face also contributes to DNA damage as well as fine lines.

Mistake 4:
You don't check your head and neck for suspicious marks
Only about 6 percent of melanomas strike on the head or neck. But when they do, they're deadlier: a 2008 University of North Carolina study found that people with scalp or neck melanomas die at nearly two times the rate of those with it on their arms or legs.

"There are a lot of blood vessels in the scalp and neck, which may make it easier for melanoma to circulate through the body and cause cancer in other organs, says Naomi Lawrence, M.D., director of dermasurgery at Cooper Hospital in New Jersey and spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology. "Your hair may also hide these cancers, so you don't find them until they are at a later stage.

Make it easier to see your scalp by parting your hair with a blow dryer or brush to check it in a mirror. Or ask your stylist to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. "A lot of my patients were sent to me by their hair dresser or barber, says Dr Lawrence.

Mistake 5:
You work (or once worked) outdoors and forgot about the sun
Because sun damage is cumulative, even bits of unprotected exposure on the job—15 minutes of waitressing at an outdoor cafe, 25 minutes of teaching swimming—increase your cancer odds if you went sans sunscreen.

If your outdoor workdays are in the past, be a little more proactive about checking for marks and moles, suggests Dr Lefkovits, and let your dermatologist know your job history. Should you currently work outside, slather on sunscreen, protect yourself with a hat and/or sunglasses, and take breaks in the shade.