Sunday, 5 February 2012

Did you know Red wine not heart-friendly?

Remember being told that a glass of wine everyday is not just 'not unhealthy', but also an elixir that can do wonders to your heart's health? Turns out there's not much truth in it after all.

A recent damning report suggests that all the years of research that proved that red wine is a heart-friendly drink is based on fabricated reports. Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in large amounts in red grapes, and hence red wine, was touted to be a miracle discovery. Investigations that began in 2008 have found damning evidence to the contrary and all the research that suggested that red wine is good for the heart is likely to be dismissed.

The man who led the research at the Cardiovascular Center at the University of Connecticut, Dipak K.Das, has alleged that the investigations are a conspiracy against him and that as a result of the pressure, he has suffered a stroke.

The jury is out still on the effects of resveratrol, but before you relax with your evening glass of red wine, think again.


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