Friday, 18 May 2012

Do Parrots Really Talk or Just Imitates

Parrots are very interesting birds. Many of us tame parrots at our home and trained them to talk. But it is true that parrots talks. Well, let us know how parrots talk.

Parrots do not actually talk but they only imitate the sounds that we make. However, they in real do not understand anything. For them, words do not have any meaning at all and are merely sounds to them. They simply talk in the same way as they make their native sounds like chirping, screaming, cooing etc that they use within a flock.

Many birds mimic various sounds that they hear. Some birds copy the songs of other birds and some can mimic certain man made sounds like musical tunes. However, the sound of human speech can be mimicked by only three families of birds- the parrots, crows and starlings.

Parrots and other birds do not have vocal cords and do not create sound like humans do. They produce sounds by expelling air across their syrinx which is a distended portion of the trachea. The muscles in the throat control the volume of air that flows through the syrinx. Parrots learn to control these muscles so that they can direct airflow and reproduce specific sounds like the sounds of human beings.

In facts, parrots talk to attract attention and possibly to relieve from boredom. If making a certain sound gain attention and treat, they are more likely to repeat the behavior again and again.

This is how parrots are trained to talk repetition, treats and affection. The words are repeated slowly and clearly and once they have learned the word then they probably never forgets!!


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