Monday, 14 May 2012

How to make yourself happy?

Think positive: positive thinking is very necessary to work out any problem. Instead of thinking the problems and getting worried, think of the best outcome and work hard to bring out the success that you desire.

Observe your thought process: Our thoughts and ideas need to be observed consistently as we may be in problem when we are struck with negative thoughts. Sometimes we feel anxious, afraid and angry. These thoughts can be controlled by working on a math problem, counting backwards or solving a puzzle. Then you can imagine things that make you feel good and happy.

Be a giver: Sacrificing time for others is a must for a happy relationship. Take out times so that you can spend it with your dear ones. Being selfish, demanding and inconsiderate of others will bring an unhappy relationship. To know the secret of happiness, try to develop the habit of being a giver.
See everything for exactly what it is: Nobody in this world is perfect. No one has everything that he/she desired and everyone has something of sorrow mixed with gladness of life, we just have to out weigh tears by laughter.
Lighter up: Laughter is the best medicine. Lighter up your heart and take out time to laugh at yourself and the situation you are in. never over analyze anything because that will give to stress. Stress can cause many problems so just let go of the things that is out of your control.
Be yourself: Comparing yourself with others is not good because you may find yourself at the ‘short end’. So, just calm down and try to be yourself and learn from your own mistake. This will help you gain self respect which will make you happy!
Choose your friends carefully: Every one of us needs company, but we must be careful while choosing our friends because a bad friend may treat us badly and bring us unhappiness in our life. We should surround ourselves with friends who are positive, encouraging and helpful to us so that we can have positive progress in our life.
Keep learning: Keeping our mind busy with something or the other is very necessary. We can learn new things in which we are interested in. this will bring a new outlook on our life.
Set goals: Have a definite goal in your life. It is very much necessary so as to bring power in yourself and realize your own responsibility.
Be healthy: Health is wealth. A healthy body and healthy mind will function properly and in the right way. Have a balanced diet everyday to maintain a good health and get plenty of exercise. Only when you are healthy, your mind will be happy!!  


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