Sunday, 13 May 2012

How to quit laziness?

Be patient To quit a habit is not a small thing. It takes times obviously, so be patient and try to calm down.

From little things to bigger thing To avoid being lazy, you can first start with small things like cleaning up your room. Then slowly you can move onto other bigger works like getting up early in the morning and going for a walk.

Do things right away If you have any work to be completed, just does it right away. Do not wait and waste your time. This will help you to lessen stress and mental pressure due to incomplete work. 

Remember that no one will come and does your work while you are sitting around.

Get a schedule Getting a schedule will help you avoid laziness. You may not like to get up early in the morning but if you maintain a schedule and wake up the same time every morning then you will feel so much less lazy.

Just do it There is no cure for laziness. You should remember that the only way to overcome laziness is by setting up your mind to it and at the right time. So, don’t waste your time any more and just do it!


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