Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Why does Earth Rotate?

The main reason for earth’s rotation is that there is nothing to stop it!!

The Earth and everything that exist on it is spinning, revolving and moving through the emptiness of space and the space gets emptier and emptier. The air is held by gravity and there is hardly anything in the space to drag on us.

The earth was formed from cosmic dust over four and a half billion years ago and since then it started spinning. Specks of dust have gravity even though they may be tiny. The particles that were left over from the explosions of distant stars pulled themselves together. These particles then formed the Sun, the moon, asteroids, the other plants and our own Earth.

In fact, the Earth and the other planets are enormous balls of deep space dust that came from all directions in space. The process of cosmic dust making is still going on and we can see exploding star with the help of a sensitive telescope.

The un evenness of the dust when the Earth was formed made the earth to take on a little rotation and that motion makes the world go round still today!


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