Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Transit of Venus on 6th June 2012

The planet Venus made a slow transit across the face of the sun on Tuesday, the last such passing that will be visible from Earth for 105 years.Transits of Venus happen in pairs, eight years apart, with more than a century between cycles. During Tuesday's pass, Venus took the form of a small black dot slowly shifting across the northern hemisphere of the sun.Armchair astronomers watched the six-hour and 40-minute transit on the Internet, with dozens of websites offering live video from around the world.Closeup views from the Prescott Observatory in Arizona, fed into's webcast, showed a small solar flaring in the making just beneath Venus' sphere.Tuesday's transit, completing a 2004-2012 pair, began at 6:09 p.m. EDT
The planet Venus can be seen on its transit of the Sun, from New Delhi June 6, 2012. Venus last made a visible pass in front of the sun in 2004 but will not make another visible transit until 2117.